How to save a ranch: a simple guide

May 21, 2021 0 Comments

I know, it’s hard to believe, but there’s a hidden gem in my home.

The ranch, built in the early 1800s by the great Spanish ranchman, Victor Gélvez, is one of the most beautiful and sought after homes in the world.

The property, a five-acre site on the north side of San Pedro de Macoris, is now owned by the Rancho Palomar Foundation.

It’s been in the family since the 1880s.

I was lucky enough to live on one of its six homes, as well as its three outbuildings, as I grew up.

It was the home of my father, who was a great man.

We didn’t know much about ranching at the time, but we did have an interest in the art of ranching.

My grandfather taught me all about the art and history of the land.

It also taught me how to manage and protect a ranch.

He lived a life of adventure, making his own way in life.

And, of course, he lived in the area, which is very different than today’s average family home.

The Rancho Macoris Foundation is an organisation of descendants of the original founders of the Macoris Ranch in Spain, who settled in the small hamlet of Rancho Monte Cristo in 1776.

It is now the oldest surviving Spanish ranch in the Western Hemisphere.

It has been in private ownership since the early 1960s.

This is where my grandfather was born, and where my father and I were born.

I lived on a tiny one-room shack, in the basement of my parents’ home, and it was a small room in which to live.

My parents didn’t think much of it, until one day I came home and discovered my grandfather had a cow.

I never had any idea he had a farm, until he told me it was because I was growing potatoes.

My grandfather was a young man at the beginning of his ranching career, and he had only recently come to live in the ranch.

We lived in his shack, and we never saw him again.

He was so excited about what we were doing.

It wasn’t until he was a little older, he started to realise how difficult it was living in the shack, because he was so attached to it.

My father’s grandparents were all Spanish, and they were very good at ranching and their children were all good at it.

So my grandfather and his friends were the first ones to be able to make the journey to Rancho Palmier, a six-hour drive from their home, to work the land with their hands.

I think they had to work seven days a week.

When they got there, they had a lot of difficulties.

My mother worked all day, my father all night, my two sisters were in the house all day and I had to be with my sister, and all day.

I remember when my mother was a baby, my mother would give me a little bit of money to buy something for the day, and I would go and collect it.

Then my mother’s husband would come and take it back and give it to my father.

It didn’t last very long, and my father would take it from her.

They were all very poor, and there was always something to do.

They would work seven or eight days a day and they had no time for anything else.

In the ranch, there was a communal toilet, but my father didn’t like it.

He would take the waste away and bring it to his home and pour it on the ground.

That was a very dirty process.

One day, he asked me to clean it, but I couldn’t.

My brother would come home from work and he would take my father’s dirty clothes and put them in a bucket.

He took a bucket and went to the back of the house, to get something to drink.

My uncle had gone with him.

My aunt was with him, and she said, “You know, he didn’t want to work so hard, so he took his clothes and poured them on the floor.”

I told her, “No, he would just pour them on my father.”

That was the first time I understood what my father was doing to my mother.

He had no idea what he was doing, but it wasn’t something he didn.

I’m not sure he would have done that if he was working.

I guess he felt guilty about it.

At one point, I was just six years old, and the first thing I did was put my clothes on and go and help my father clean the toilets.

They were so dirty.

The first time my mother and I cleaned the toilets, my brother and I took it out and cleaned it.

And my father took it back to his house and poured it on to the


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