When it rains… Sam’s Westgate vacation resort in Dubai comes under fire

May 22, 2021 0 Comments

Sam’s westgate vacation rental resort in the UAE has been condemned after images were shared on social media of the resort’s iconic red, white and blue waterfalls. 

The images showed the pools at the resort being washed away, while the resort itself was engulfed in a sea of water.

The resort’s owner, Sam Dajani, tweeted that the images were “not authentic”, but that it would be fixed.

“We are fixing the waterfalls,” he said.

“The water has to flow through our waterfalls and be cleaned.

If the water comes through the sides of the water slides, we will take it to court.” 

Dajani added that the resort was still on the planning stages and that he would keep an eye on the situation. 

“We have been working on the water, we have already fixed the water,” he added.

“It is not like this happened in an instant.” 

The Dubai Redevelopment Authority said the incident took place in the water and the resort is still in the planning stage.

“Dubai Redeivers has received numerous complaints about the incident,” said Dajan, adding that the authority would investigate. 

Dubai’s Redevelings Authority said that the incident was a “travesty”.

“The incident took the resort off the planning, which is why we have contacted the owners,” a Redeemed Authority spokesperson said. 

Read more The images were reportedly taken in May 2016 when the resort opened in the new resort area, a sprawling new development in the heart of the capital. 

In 2015, a large water slide at the Sam Dijani resort in Doha, Qatar was removed from the planning after it was revealed that it had caused flooding.


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