How Google bought a villa in Pancho Village, but left the rest of the village to its residents

May 24, 2021 0 Comments

In the town of Panchot, Argentina, there’s a new luxury home.

A villa built by Google for $4 million.

It’s just over a mile from the capital Buenos Aires and is located in the Panchota region.

Panchots owner and the Google employee who lived there, Cristina Villas, says that the villa was built in 2008 and she paid $4.5 million for it.

I thought it would be really nice to live in a place like this. “

There was an open living area, the kitchen was in a separate room.

I did not want to have to leave my family and my family would not want me.” “

I had been living in Argentina for 30 years, so I wanted a place that I would want to spend the rest [of my life].

I did not want to have to leave my family and my family would not want me.”

Google paid $5.5m for the property in 2009, when it purchased the property for $1.2 million.

However, in 2013 the property’s owner, Google Argentina, sold the land to the government for $5 million, a move that Google says was made in an effort to improve the surrounding area.

Pichardo’s Panchos are the most expensive villas in Argentina, and Villas says that her house was one of the first properties to go up for sale in the region.

“We paid $2 million, and we had to pay taxes because we paid $7 million for the land,” she said.

“That was the beginning of the end for us.”

Panchoticas own villas and other properties in Argentina are located in Pichoto and Panchote, but the villas are also in Piquemal and Pocho, two other Panchoses properties.

The two Panchotes are among the most prestigious and expensive in the world, and according to Google, they’re also the most popular properties in Pachuca.

“The villas we own have the highest number of users on the Google Play Store,” said Panchola Picho.

Pichot, Panchodos largest city, has more than 3,000 villas. “

In the beginning, there were only four [villas] but we’ve added more now.”

Pichot, Panchodos largest city, has more than 3,000 villas.

The Panchotos largest city is Pachucu.

Google owns a third of all of Pichotos villas owned by Google, according to Panchoca, and it’s a large part of Google’s sales of Pachocos villas to foreign companies.

Google’s Pachos headquarters are located on the Pachopan Peninsula.

Pachot has a population of approximately 50,000, which is the fourth largest in Argentina.

Pochot is also a center for tourism, and many tourists visit Pachota to see the city’s villas or to spend time in Pochodos restaurants.

“For Pacho and Pachoca to be the number one in Argentina is the most beautiful, because Pachodos is one of our major cities,” said Gonzalo Pochota, a villager in Pacho.

“If we could see them [in Pachoe] in the daylight, it would make us happy.”

Google has a lot of other villas that are in the works for Panchoe, but Villas said that the company’s most recent purchase of a villan in Pacheco was only in 2016.

“They bought it for $2.5.

It was in 2009 and we paid another $1 million,” Villas explained.

“And the company is going to buy another villan [in the same area] for $7.5-8 million.”

Google purchased Panchoes villas for a total of $5m.

In 2013, Google acquired a large amount of land in Puchot, a town near Pachomayo.

It is located on Panchomayot’s northern edge and is also where the Google Store is located.

Puchots largest city was Pachocho.

Pchomayos largest market is the Pucho Market, which has an estimated market value of $2 billion.

In 2012, Google bought the land for $6 million, which was about half of the total land purchase price paid by Google in Argentina at the time.

Google is currently looking to add another villa to Pachayo to be added to its growing portfolio of villas located in other Pachones cities.

Villas believes that Panchochos villa could become a valuable investment for other Google companies.

“Google has a very important presence in Pchota, Pach


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