When is a car a car? The key to a successful commute

June 10, 2021 0 Comments

The key is to be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving and keep your eyes open for things that can affect your driving performance, says Toronto-based transportation consultant Daniel Grosen.

Read more A car’s performance depends on many things including: road surface, road surface condition, weather conditions, road conditions and traffic.

Here’s what you need to know to know when to look at the road.

When is it safe to drive?

Driving is not necessarily safe if it’s not the safest route, but that’s what it means to be driving, says Grosin.

“There’s a lot of information in the vehicle, so if it has all these different features it will give you a lot more information about the road,” he says.

A car can be dangerous if you drive too slowly or if you’re distracted by other traffic, but there are ways to reduce the danger.

If you’re not using a mobile phone or a computer to operate the vehicle and it’s in a busy place, you might not be able to use it, he says, but you can use your phone to check the weather or your vehicle’s condition.

When not driving a car, it’s also important to be careful of pedestrians, he adds.

If a pedestrian is coming towards you or walking towards you, it could be dangerous.

“If a pedestrian starts walking away, it can be difficult to keep control of the vehicle because the pedestrians can start to jump out of the way,” he adds, adding that pedestrians are also less likely to be aggressive if you can’t see them.

“The driver can’t tell which direction the pedestrian is going in.

It could be an accident waiting to happen.”

A good driver knows when to brake and when to slow down, says Carole MacLean, a professor of transportation management at Simon Fraser University.

If it’s dangerous for you to drive, then it’s time to buckle up.

“When you’re being pushed, you need some form of restraint.

You can’t just let yourself go.

You need to think about whether you need a seatbelt, which is very important,” she says.

How to reduce risk while driving While it’s safe to slow the speed to below the speed limit, it should also be noted that driving with your eyes closed, says MacLean.

That’s because you’re losing your peripheral vision.

“You’re not seeing what you’re doing.

Your eyes are closed, you can barely see what’s happening in front of you,” she explains.

A driver must also remember to look both ways and not to brake when passing a vehicle that’s behind them.

If that happens, the car can brake too quickly.

“This could be a real dangerous situation,” says Maclean.

If there’s an intersection or road where a person is crossing the road with a bicycle, she adds, it is best to wait until the pedestrian stops before stopping.

If the person is moving towards you when you stop, it might be safer to brake at the intersection.

Drivers should also check their speed at all times to make sure they are obeying the traffic laws, MacLean says.

“Keep your eyes on the road.”

What should you wear?

There are lots of things that you can wear to help reduce your risk of an accident, including: safety glasses to protect your eyes


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