‘Gone Wild’ and ‘Abandoned Worlds’: A Tale of Survival in a Dangerous and Terrifying World

July 19, 2021 0 Comments

I love games.

But if I had to pick one game that has influenced me in a meaningful way, it would have to be Gone Wild.

The first game in the series, Gone Wild is an RPG that, despite the name, is actually an action RPG.

The combat system is fast and fluid, and the environments are stunning and full of secrets and surprises.

The characters are likable and the world is full of life, even if it’s a wild one.

The game’s story is a bit convoluted, but it’s not that complicated.

The main character, Tove, is kidnapped by an evil corporation that wants to steal her and her son from her family.

She is taken to the desert, where she and her two boys are forced to fight off the invading mercenaries.

You control the boys, and you have to take them out in order to escape.

The game also has some cool side-quests, including the time Tove was trapped inside a giant, living eyeball.

The art style is a little dated, but I love the color palettes.

The graphics are pretty good.

The music is pretty good, too.

The story is mostly episodic, but some side quests help get you through.

I found the combat system to be a bit slow and a bit frustrating at times, but the game itself is still worth playing.

I think there are several reasons why I enjoyed the game, and if you’re a gamer, you might be interested in following me on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up with what I’m writing.

The full game is still available for pre-order at the moment.


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