Which restaurants in NYC have the best jerk pizzas?

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

There’s no shortage of options in the city for those who want to grab a snack and get on with the day.

Here are the best jer pizzas around New York City, with prices that vary depending on the style of the jer you’re looking for.1.

The Big Easy2.

The Pizzeria at the Old Post Office3.

The Red Brick at the Brooklyn Museum4.

The Little Italy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art5.

The La Petite Jug at La Maison du Vieux Petite6.

The The Pueblo at the Bierhaus7.

The El Toro at El Toro in Brooklyn8.

The Loma in Brooklyn9.

The Cinco De Mayo at The Ritz10.

The St. Regis Hotel at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church11.

The Italian Restaurant at the New York Botanic Garden12.

The Mitten at La Sabor in Brooklyn13.

The Pizza in the Hamptons14.

The Mexican at La Bodega15.

The New Jersey Tavern at the World Trade Center16.

The Tiki Bar at the Ritz-Carlton17.

The Salted Pig at The Tavern at Pier 1 in Greenwich, New Jersey18.

The Gourmet Chicken at The Del Mar in Westchester, New York19.

The Ramen Bar at The Ramada Inn in Miami, Florida20.

The Bistro at the Lighthouse on Manhattan Island21.

The Cafe La Vie at La Vie in New York22.

The Artichoke Bar at La Cucina at the Gilded Eagle23.

The Delicatessen at La Cañada Flintridge in Manhattan, New NY24.

The Tap Room at The Biltmore Hotel in Las Vegas25.

The Bar at Piedmont House in New Orleans26.

The Sushi Bar at Cafe Mimi at La Bohème in Paris27.

The Chicken at the Plaza Hotel in New Jersey28.

The Greek Food Bar at Bar Mitzvah in New Mexico29.

The Chateau du Vin at The Palace of Fine Arts in Beverly Hills, California30.

The French Kitchen at the Villa d’Orleans31.

The Cantina La Croix in Paris32.

The Palazzo Lago at the Royal Palace in Paris33.

The Café La La Mie at La Belle Epoque in Paris34.

The Alameda at the Hotel de Ville in Venice35.

The Steak House at The Steaks of Ville at the La Ville de Vincennes in Paris36.

The Spaghetti Bolognese at the Vittoria at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Monaco37.

The Ristorante del Montanaro at the Palazzola in Milan38.

The Casa de la Mancha at the Sistine Chapel in New Rome39.

The Restaurant of the Year at the Palace of Versailles40.

The Beach Club at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida41.

The Knepp’s at The Beach at the Marina at Marina Bay Sands in Palm Springs, Florida42.

The Vittorio Emanuele in Venice43.

The Parfait de l’Oublié at the Beach Club in San Francisco44.

The House of the Rising Sun at the Pompidou Center in Paris45.

The Palace Hotel at the Marriott Marquis in New Year’s Eve celebrations46.

The Terracotta Warriors at The Plaza Hotel at The Luxor Hotel in Paris47.

The Le Chef in New Delhi48.

The Old Globe at The Old World in New Zealand49.

The Black Dog Bar at Kona Resort in Hawaii50.

The Shrimp Bait at The Red Lion in Hawaii51.

The Nachos and the Shrimp at the Tiki Lounge in Paris52.

The Grill at the Chateaubriand Hotel in Milan53.

The Marches de France at the Elysee Palace in France54.

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich at the Restaurant at Montmartre in Paris55.

The Fried Chicken at Cafe La Fauve in Paris56.

The Seafood at the Golden Nugget in Paris57.

The Beef Burger at the Red Lobster in New Brunswick, New Brunswick58.

The Brisket at the Coney Island Bistros in New Bedford, Massachusetts59.

The Cheese and Fries at the Croque-Maurice in Paris60.

The Cheesesteak at The Le Petit Trianon in Paris61.

The Sandwiches at the French Market in Paris62.

The Burrito at the Grand Palais in Paris63.

The Burgers at the Diner in Paris64.

The Macaroni and Cheese at the Arby’s in New Hampshire65.

The Sandwich at TGI Fridays in San Diego66.

The Salad at La Bella Verde in Buenos Aires67.

The Pork Rinds at the House of Vines in Paris68.

The Ham and Eggs at The


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