When Walmart bought this house in Peru: Hidden villa and its history

When WalMart bought this small house in the small village of Villa del Mar in Peru, many residents called it a hidden gem.

But, that was just the beginning.

The home was built by Mexican-born architect and real estate developer Miguel Angel Garcia, who also built the Villa del Castillo, the Villa of the Dead and the Villa de la Muerta. 

In addition to the home, Garcia also owned a large, four-story building with two adjacent villas, the Plaza de la Casa de la Comunitadora and the Plaza del Castilla del Muertal.

The building was the center of the Villa’s history.

It was the site of the Mexican Revolution of 1910, when Garcia was part of a group of Mexican citizens who led the guerrillas.

He also became a guerrilla leader and was later captured and sentenced to death by the Mexican government.

The Villa del Maria de Castillo is now a museum and is open to the public, but many people have never been to the house and it has not been on the national tourist map.

So, when the store opened, many wondered if it was a fake.

A few months after the Villa opened in 2009, a couple from California came by and rented the home.

They asked for a reservation and they found out the price of the home was just $9,000.

It is not the most expensive home in Peru.

But it was also not the first house to be built in the village.

In 1884, a Spanish conquistador named Jose de Castillemón built a mansion on the site.

The house was built in 1887 and was built to house one of the chief men of the local guerrilla, the Marquis de Villaraigosa.

The Marquis and his family moved into the Villa as a base for their guerrillero operation.

The Villas original owner, Carlos de Villarreal, built it for him.

Carlos de Castila was the last of the Villas founders.

After the Spaniards were driven out of the area by the Spanish, the Villa became a Spanish colonial post and was used for military purposes.

The Spanish also used the Villa to store munitions and to hide the bodies of the dead.

In 1910, the building was used as a secret prison.

The building was closed in 1925.

In 1927, the first villa was built and the villas name was changed to the Villa Del Castillo de Villas.

The Villa del Villas name is the word for “village” in Spanish. 

After the war ended, the villa fell into disrepair and was abandoned. 

By the 1980s, it had become a tourist attraction and was open to visitors. 

One of the most notable changes in the Villa is the new, more modern landscaping, which is part of the new resort development planned for the site, and is a welcome addition to a historic area that is already a destination for locals and tourists. 

The Villa Del Mar is not just an interesting and historic property.

It’s also an opportunity to showcase the local culture, history and cuisine. 

A villa is a place where people gather to relax, play, learn, cook, watch movies and read books. 

People also congregate for special events such as weddings, baptisms, burials and funerals. 

Most of the people living in the Villaramas community are Mexican and are descendants of immigrants who settled in the area during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Most of the residents speak Spanish and speak very little English.

Most people who live in the community speak Spanish, though they may have an interpreter. 

Villas history is also tied to its heritage.

It came about after a group called the Villa Club, founded in 1884 by Francisco de Castilla, took control of the land and property in the villamys village.

The club was led by Jose de Villa, who was also the first to build a villa in Peru and is still the village’s official builder. 

When the Villa was sold to Garcia in 2007, the purchase price was $9 million. 

It is also the only Villa in the country where the owners own the entire site, including the villarets basement, which Garcia plans to convert into condos. 

This sale also came at a time when other big-box retailers such as Target and Walmart were also trying to capitalize on the trend of shoppers buying more expensive, high-end items. 

While the Villa in Peru is not one of those stores, it is one of a handful of houses in the world that are built on land owned by the Villagas original owners. 

These houses are actually located in the same region as the original Villa del Moro, which sits on the same parcel as the Villa. 

If you’re in the Peru region and have questions


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