‘Grand villa’ to open in Gables villas on Friday

Gables Villas in London will open for business on Friday after the grand opening of the new Villa Olivia restaurant.

The villas at the Gables and Old Chiltern Homes are the latest of several to open across the country in the past month.

The first to be completed in Gable was the Old Cholms Home, which opened on September 28, which features a three-tiered terrace overlooking the Thames.

There will be a selection of wines and spirits on offer at the villas.

The first of the three to be built will be the Villa Olvia, a six-storey villa designed by renowned architect and designer, Jocko Willams.

The £100m design is the first in the UK to include a full kitchen, dining room, bar, wine bar and bar area.

It is designed to be “as close to the interior as possible”, says Mr Willams, adding that it will be able to serve “the best local ingredients, including organic ingredients”.

The design will take advantage of the “open space and the natural light” at the two properties, he said.

It is a “new and exciting” concept for Gables, and the villa will be available for reservations starting on Friday.

Gables is also the site of a new high-speed rail line, which will allow travellers to get to and from the town of Gable on a single ticket.


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