Summer villa Cast: ‘It’s an amazing experience, you’ve been waiting for this for a while’

A villa in Spain’s Riviera city of Castellón, where the country’s most famous singer is buried, has been transformed into a permanent home for his relatives.The estate, in a quiet

When the ocean villa came to life: Sam villa finds a new home in an ocean inn

On the outskirts of Bengaluru, India, Sam villas have been the scene of many a celebration in the past.In the summer, visitors gather to enjoy the fresh, crystal-clear waters that

Pizza chain plans to open its first store in the U.S.

Pizza chain Pizzeria del Monte said it plans to debut a new store in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, a sign of growth in the state where it has more than 30

Italian PM calls for end to ‘war on terror’

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni called on Sunday for a pause in the “war on terrorism” and for a “credible and effective investigation” of the attacks in Paris and Brussels

What to do when you have an emergency and a house on fire?

The city of Villa Rica in Costa Rica is a paradise, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the resort has become the site of a major

How to download 3D sex villas for your Android device

The first-person VR game called Villas Royale has been available in Google Play for about a month now.I’ve been playing it a lot, and it’s great.I haven’t played a VR

Which startup is the best at driving revenue growth?

Recode is reporting that Google has decided to spin off its virtual reality business, but it’s a different story from what we first heard about.Recode has reported that Google will

Deer park villas in Senegalese capital Senegala, pictured here, have seen a rise in deer sightings

In the past two months, a number of villas belonging to Senegalas chief executive, Mr Alouni Mbonhe, have had deer sightings reported.The villas are situated in the town of Alouette

How a new wine-making process helps save the world from climate change

New Zealand’s wineries are starting to use a carbon capture technology that could save the lives of people in the developing world by reducing carbon emissions, and the result could


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