The best hotels in the world for business travelers

By BBC Traveler StaffMarriott Canyon Villa, a luxury villa near Las Vegas, has become the latest property to get a facelift.

The hotel has undergone a £150m refurbishment, adding two new floors and a private rooftop bar.

The luxury hotel, located in a beautiful area of the Nevada desert, was recently given a faceloampic room upgrade.

It now has three levels and a fully enclosed rooftop bar, allowing guests to enjoy a more private experience.

A new $30,000-a-night villa is the latest addition to the hotel’s collection, the latest in a line of major changes to the property.

Marriot Canyon Villa is the third of the hotel and spa complexes, after the Grand Hyatt in Los Angeles and the Marriot Spa in New York.

The hotel’s luxury property, which has been a destination for business travellers since 2008, has seen a number of upgrades since it opened.

It’s the latest development in a series of major facelifts and renovation projects at the hotel.

Marriot Canyon is a hotel owned by Marriot Hotels Group, which was formed in 1998 to manage hotels in a different style to that of the other hotel complexes, according to a statement on the hotel website.

The resort has been owned by the hotel group since 2008.

Marriott Hotels said it will work with other partners in order to create a more secure, comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests.

The upgrade to the villa’s interior was completed earlier this month, with the renovation of the spa also completed in May.

The upgrades are the latest major upgrades at Marriot and a continuation of the Marriott brand, which started in 1958.


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