How a new wine-making process helps save the world from climate change

New Zealand’s wineries are starting to use a carbon capture technology that could save the lives of people in the developing world by reducing carbon emissions, and the result could be the saving of the world’s future.

The process, which has been described as the “world’s first carbon capture system”, involves using carbon dioxide and methane to capture the carbon dioxide from the air, and then releasing the methane into the atmosphere.

The result is a process that takes carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and converts it into a renewable energy.

The New Zealand wines made using the technology have already been exported to Australia, and New Zealand has a national carbon capture scheme.

Now the country’s first winery is using the same technology to produce wine for New Zealanders.

“It’s really exciting.

It’s a breakthrough,” said Tom Wilson, who runs the winery at Villa Antonio.

“This is going to save the climate, and this is something that the wineries of New Zealand are looking forward to.”

Villa’s winery has already been using the carbon capture process to produce a range of wines.

“The wine industry in New Zealand is in crisis, and it’s very difficult to get a sustainable winery up and running,” he said.

“We’re working on getting the system up and going, and now it’s going to go into production.”

The carbon dioxide produced from the process, called bio-capture, is stored in tanks and the wine is aged for three years.

The winery hopes to begin producing the wine next year.

“For me, the biggest thing is that we’re going to start to use this system,” Wilson said.

The technology has already started to be used at other wineries around the world.

“You know, the whole wine industry is looking at this, but it’s really only a very small number of wineries,” he added.

The plan is to eventually export the technology to Australia.

Villa is one of a number of New England wineries that have already started using the bio-control system.

The company’s technology is being developed by a company called Calfa BioTech.

It uses an innovative method called “carbon capture with microalgae”, which involves a system where the carbon is captured from the environment through a microalgic membrane.

The microalgics are embedded into the surface of a grape vine, which then has to be grown in a specific location in order to release the carbon.

The grape vine then releases the carbon into the environment.

In the future, the microalgamates could be used in winemaking as well.

Villas is one winery that is working on a similar system to its own.

“Our technology has really taken off, and we are really pleased to see it getting really popular and going mainstream,” Wilson explained.

“And it’s a really cool thing to see, because it’s like a catalyst in the wine making process.”


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