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Recode is reporting that Google has decided to spin off its virtual reality business, but it’s a different story from what we first heard about.

Recode has reported that Google will split its VR business into two companies, the new VR division and its existing virtual reality division.

In an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher, Google’s senior VP of Product Innovation, Andy Rubin, confirmed the separation and said the two new companies will work to make virtual reality a more attractive product.

“We will be splitting our VR business up to two companies,” Rubin said.

“It’s going to be called Google VR, and it’s going be called VR.

And we’re going to start with VR.

We’re going a new company called Google Virtual Reality.”

Rubin said the separation will give Google more flexibility in how it develops virtual reality products.

Rubin added that VR has always been a very “diverse product” and that the VR division will be more focused on developing the software, hardware, and services to make the product easier to get and more fun to use.

Google’s new VR divisions will work in tandem with Google Glass, Rubin said, and will “focus on the consumer space.”

Rubin also said the VR divisions would focus on the development of VR games, which Google announced last year as part of the acquisition of Oculus VR.

Rubin told Recode that Google VR will focus on VR as “a whole space” rather than just virtual reality apps.

Rubin also suggested that Google could continue to develop its VR products after the acquisition and that he was excited to see what Google VR would look like in the future.

“I think we can do this,” Rubin told Swisher.

“There’s no reason we couldn’t do this.

We are going to continue to make products.

We want to make VR a lot more appealing.”

Rubin told the Recode interviewer that Google’s goal is to eventually have a “huge” VR market.

Rubin said that VR’s primary goal will be to make it a “game” experience.

Rubin indicated that Google is working with developers on games to create “really good VR experiences,” but declined to reveal the names of the developers or the companies that will develop them.

Rubin declined to comment on the possible breakup of the VR product, saying the company’s “business plan is clear.”

Rubin confirmed that Google still plans to focus on virtual reality, but he said that virtual reality would no longer be Google’s primary focus.

Rubin described virtual reality as a “space where we can go and create new things.”

Rubin did not say whether Google’s VR division would have to be “big” like Oculus or smaller like Gear VR.

Google has already made VR available to Google Glass users.

The Glass company is also planning to add a number of apps to Google’s mobile apps, but Rubin said Google would “focus our efforts” on building more VR apps.


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