Italian PM calls for end to ‘war on terror’

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni called on Sunday for a pause in the “war on terrorism” and for a “credible and effective investigation” of the attacks in Paris and Brussels that killed 129 people.

“I want to call on all of us to have a pause, a pause of the war on terror,” Gentilonio said at a press conference in Rome, calling the attacks a “crime against humanity.”

“Let us stop fighting.

Let us stop this war on terrorism,” he added.

The attacks in Brussels on March 22 and the Paris attacks on March 23 have raised concerns about a rise in attacks in Europe.

The attacks were carried out by two men in Belgium and the three others killed in Paris on Friday.

The country of 12.5 million people has been struggling with a sharp drop in the number of homicides and a surge in suicide bombings.

A suicide bomber killed 35 people in Brussels in April.

In a separate address on Sunday, Italian Prime Minster Antonio Tajani called for the European Union to take “strong measures” to combat terrorism.

“We have to be vigilant, we have to have strong measures against terrorism,” Tajani said in the capital, Rome.

“This is the time to be very clear: I have to take these measures, to act,” Tajini said.


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