Why Aruba is trying to change the way we eat

VILLAGE, ARUBA (AP) VILLA victoria is a village in the Aruba ocean.

It’s a place where you can get a little bit of everything.

And when you visit, you can find a little something that really suits your taste.

But it’s the one thing the island’s residents can’t do without.

They can’t eat what they like.

So they are turning to food, and this is what’s making the island one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

Village chef and chef-owner Carlos Rios is the chief cook at Villa Victoria.

He is also the founder and director of the food blog Restaurant X. His blog has covered the island for the past year.

Rios and his family have a lot of food, he said, but he’s trying to bring that experience to the world of food.

It doesn’t take much to create a dish.

The ingredients are so small, the preparation time is so short, and there’s a lot less waste than you would find in a supermarket, he told the AP.

The island of Aruba has been struggling for years with food shortages.

The island’s government recently approved a plan to import 5 million pounds of rice and 5 million tons of pasta per year.

It will be enough to feed an average of 2.4 million people.

But in a country with a population of only about 6 million, there’s little room for expansion.

Villa victoria, which has a population just shy of 2 million, is one of Arubas foodiest tourist destinations.

But with just 5,000 residents, it has a smaller population density than other islands.

Foodies in the village are eager to try the dishes that are popular on the island.

There’s a big variety of food available at the villas dining room.

Rios said he and his team are going to continue to grow the blog, but the main goal is to spread the word about Aruba.

“We want to spread knowledge,” he said.

When we started the blog we didn’t have the budget to do it, he added.

But now, he’s doing it to pay off our food bills and to provide for our family.

We’re in a situation where we need to expand the blog and to help Arubans food access.

But we can’t rely on the government to help us.

Villa victora is one in a long line of small islands in the Caribbean.

Others include the small town of Vila Guadeloupe, the small village of Villas, the town of San Miguel, and the small island of San Juan.

There are several others in the Dominican Republic, including the small community of Villa Santa Margarita in the Bahamas, and a small community called San Juan, which is the largest in the Pacific.

Aruba is the second most visited destination in the Americas, after Panama, after the Dominican republic.

The country has been ranked number one on the list of the 10 most visited destinations in 2013 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

And for the first time, it’s among the top 10 countries in the U.S., according to U.N. data.

While the island of Villa is a tourist attraction, it is also a foodie destination.

The village of Arua is the place to go for a plate of steak, ham and sausage, Rios explained.

But there’s also a huge variety of foods available at all of the villa’s restaurants.

What are you craving right now?

I’m going to try something that’s not popular in the United States,” Rios told the Associated Press.

For example, there are all kinds of fish and vegetables.

But the only fish that’s available on the menu is the cod.

There are all sorts of vegetables, but they’re all different kinds of vegetables.

They’re all a little different from what’s available in the supermarket, Ries said.

There is a lot more of something that we eat than what we see on the supermarket shelves.

I have a little thing, and I think it’s good.

But I’m not really hungry.

I have a few of the dishes here and there.

But what I have to eat is all my own, and it’s not the same as what’s on the shelf.

And I think that is good.

And you don’t have to be a chef to enjoy this food.

You can try anything you like, Roes said.

Ries has a taste for seafood, so he’s known for a lot, and he said that is part of the reason he has the blog.

But he doesn’t have any plans to go into the kitchen and make his own seafood.

Some of the foods that Rios has tried have a high cost, like shrimp and crab.

He said that he tried the steak, but that


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