Luxury resort hotel in China’s Shaanxi province to host first ever live-in guest

China has become the first city in the world to host a luxury resort hotel and hotel staff have been given permission to stay onsite during the pandemic.

Dubai, the UAE, and Shanghai have also announced similar plans, with the latter planning to host luxury hotel rooms for the first time in 2020.

The resort, in Shaanhua’s Shaoyang district, will be called the Grand Villa Hotel.

It will be run by the Luxury Resorts and Tourism Corporation (LRTT) and the resort will offer the first-ever live-incident guest experience, according to the Beijing Daily.

It will feature a two-storey glass hotel suite with its own swimming pool and a guest spa.

The hotel will be connected to the city’s public transport network, and will be open to the public for eight days a week from December 6 to January 7, according the Shanghaiist website.

It is being billed as a “new way of life” for China, which has already experienced a series of deadly outbreaks and the world’s worst coronavirus pandemic since 1918.

“The hotel’s purpose is to offer guests the best quality of life possible, which includes the best possible service and hospitality,” the website says.LRTM says the hotel will have an exclusive restaurant, bar and a rooftop terrace.

The resort will be the first in China to host the live-upcoming Super Bowl.

Luxe accommodationsThe hotel is one of five to be opened by LRTT, which was set up last year to provide guest services to the world, including catering, lodging, and entertainment.

It also provides food services.

The company has plans to expand to other Chinese cities.LNT said it is also planning to open hotels in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“Our aim is to expand further to the rest of Asia,” LNT said in a statement.

“We have already reached an agreement with two hotels in the Philippines and the Philippines will become a partner with us in the construction of a new hotel.”

China’s state-run media, state-controlled broadcaster CCTV, and local media are all reporting that the resort is set to open in the first half of 2020.

It comes after Shanghai announced plans to open the first of its own luxury hotels in 2021.


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