When the White House wants to get a story, they just call us and ask. We’ll tell them what we know.

A senior White House official has told Axios that the president doesn’t take any vacations, but that he does occasionally spend time at his home in the White Park neighborhood in Washington, DC.

The official says Trump rarely leaves the White, and he’s only spent a few hours there since leaving the White house.

“He loves being home.

He loves being in his home.

It’s a great place,” the official said.

“His favorite thing to do is come out to lunch, go to the movies, go out to the lake and go to bed.

I think it’s important that he has time to spend with family and friends.”

A White House spokesperson told Axio that the White is not taking vacations.

“There is no such thing as a vacation,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson did say that the Trump family enjoys a number of outings, including trips to Florida, Texas, and Hawaii.

The White House spokesman also said that the family enjoys going to the White and is grateful for the opportunities afforded to them.

“When he’s at the WhiteHouse, the president has a lot of opportunities to go see the president, go on the golf course, go golfing, go sailing, golf, play golf,” the Whitehouse spokesperson said in an email.

“That’s what he loves about his WhiteHouse.

The president has great access to the most valuable assets in the world.

We hope to keep him busy.”


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