Summer villa Cast: ‘It’s an amazing experience, you’ve been waiting for this for a while’

A villa in Spain’s Riviera city of Castellón, where the country’s most famous singer is buried, has been transformed into a permanent home for his relatives.The estate, in a quiet

When the ocean villa came to life: Sam villa finds a new home in an ocean inn

On the outskirts of Bengaluru, India, Sam villas have been the scene of many a celebration in the past.In the summer, visitors gather to enjoy the fresh, crystal-clear waters that

How to download 3D sex villas for your Android device

The first-person VR game called Villas Royale has been available in Google Play for about a month now.I’ve been playing it a lot, and it’s great.I haven’t played a VR

How a new wine-making process helps save the world from climate change

New Zealand’s wineries are starting to use a carbon capture technology that could save the lives of people in the developing world by reducing carbon emissions, and the result could

The best hotels in the world for business travelers

By BBC Traveler StaffMarriott Canyon Villa, a luxury villa near Las Vegas, has become the latest property to get a facelift.The hotel has undergone a £150m refurbishment, adding two new

When Taco Villas are Not the ‘Best’ restaurant for Mexican food

Villas at some of the most popular Taco Bell locations around the country are now getting an overhaul to make them more like restaurants.The new design includes a larger dining

‘You should be ashamed’: Gay men who live on the beach have the worst luck

A group of gay men living in a villa in Stonefield in Queensland’s south-east have spent the past four months living in “gay hell” after their families were forced to

Hidden Villa in Monterrey: Where the $7 Million was hidden

Now Playing: The hidden secrets of this $7 million Monterreya villa… article Now Play: Hidden Villa at $7M in Monterserreya, Mexico article Now Watch: Inside the $2.5 million house of


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